Buffalo Lab is a very inclusive organization. As such, membership in the organization has a very low barrier to entry. And by low, we mean FREE! Yes, it always has and always will be free to become a Member of Buffalo Lab.

As a Member you are given the following benefits:


Just being a Member of Buffalo Lab is pretty awesome in of itself, but there is still more available! Some of our members just have projects that need space and tools and need more time at Buffalo Lab. To accommodate such individuals monthly dues allow full access to the space. Your monthly Lab fee will go towards rent, electricity, supplies, and other expenses. In return you receive 24/7 access to the Lab as well as all the benefits of a member (listed above).

The Lab User fee is currently set at $50/month and can be paid at any time during the month. If you are going to be contributing at least 4 hours of time towards space-related activities (run an event or meeting, space improvements, cleaning, marketing, administrative duties, etc..) you can subscribe at the $30/month level. Payments can be made with cash, check or PayPal. Cash will only be accepted in person, checks can be mailed in or delivered in person. Any questions about becoming a Lab User can be directed to MikeD or ChrisP or can be emailed to info@buffalolab.org.

Lab User

Buffalo lab is currently fully supported by Lab User dues and donations. We need your support to survive! To become a Lab User, subscribe below. Make sure to talk to ChrisP to arrange to receive your key.